We're Not Lost

by The Show Ponies

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Full length album will be released on October 12th 2013.


released October 12, 2013



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The Show Ponies Los Angeles, California

The Show Ponies can best be described as an indie-folk band with Old Tyme Country tendencies.


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Track Name: Baby, I'm In Love With You
Some mornings when I wake up
I get so depressed.
Feels like a two ton anvil
Sitting on my chest.
I keep telling myself
I’m doing my best
But most times
That isn’t enough.
In the past seven years
I’ve lived in fifteen places,
Held ten different jobs,
In four different states.
I been praying hard
To keep my faith
And playing in a bluegrass band.

Some mornings when I wake up
I feel so clueless
I’ll be here in California
You’ll be in St. Louis. Most people ask,
“Why would you do this?”
Maybe it’s because I’m in love.
Yeah, I’m in love,
But got a case of the blues.
I’ll be cursin’ one day,
Then singing Hallelu.
Whatever keeps me doing
All the things I do? I don’t know.
But baby, I’m in love with you.
I don’t know,
But baby, I’m in love with you.

Wherever I may roam,
It doesn’t feel too much like home.
I don’t know where I will go,
But I know, I’m not alone.

I just wanna take you
on a long hiatus,
Watch the fireflies,
And hear the cicadas,
Run through a field,
And pick tomatoes,
Fall asleep with your head on my chest.
That sure beats that heavy anvil,
We could take a train
All the way to Danville.
I’ll treat you in a way
That no other man will
And do all the things I say.

All my dreams and all my hopin’,
All my thoughts about elopin’,
Keep those doors and windows open,
‘Till we can find a place to stay.
I may go from place to place
But the best one is flat on my face
We once were lost and still need grace
And that’s good enough for me.
Track Name: Gone
Well he told me that we’d grow old together.
Yeah, he told me that we’d be two birds of a feather,
But he’s gone, gone, gone like the day is long.
Oh, he’s gone, gone, gone and it just seems so wrong.

Well he told me that I was the only one he doted on.
Then I saw him in the back of a barn necking on a dirty blonde.
Now he’s gone, gone, gone like some sad pathetic song.
Oh, he’s gone, gone, gone and it just seems so wrong.

He’s gone, long gone.
He’s gone, gone, gone and it seems so wrong.

Well he told me that he’d be at my every beck and call,
But when I needed him the most he was never there at all.
He’s gone, gone, gone like the day is long.
Oh, he’s gone, gone, gone and it just seems so wrong.

Well he called me his baby, his little honeybee.
But come to find out he was just chasing sweets.
& now he’s gone, gone, gone like some sad pathetic song.
Oh, he’s gone, gone,¬¬ gone and it just seems so wrong.
Track Name: We're Not Lost
I’d love to see your face again;
My childhood friend,
How have you been?
Would you show up at my door
After the war you’ve been fighting in?

12,000 miles in your car,
We slept on the Cassiar.
We wrote down our lives on video.
Now you’ve learned to shoot a gun,
And I took my 101’s,
And we’ve finally come to see
That all we know is where we are,
But we don’t know where to go.

We were hiking up that creek
Just to see what we could find.
We wanted to get back home
But everything in between
Was undefined.

It was 10 o’clock at night,
But the sun was shining bright;
Through the rain clouds
All the colors, they did show.
When we got up to that crest
My heart was beating
Through my chest.
We were miles and miles and miles
From the road. We’re not lost.
We just don’t know where to go.

So it seems our paths diverge,
But reemerge for a while.
It comes time to disembark
And walk apart for miles.

But I miss you, my friend.
Will I see you in the end?
Out in the unknown,
We’re not lost.
We just don’t know where to go.
Track Name: Whiskey and Wine
I like whiskey; you like wine,
You’re the kind of woman
That’s so refined.
I like horses; you like gin,
I told you never come around here again.
Up and down, up and down,
Hot and cold and square and round
I never knew a smile
Could make somebody frown.
Cats and dogs, wet and dry,
You’re the cactus of my eye.
I bet that you could make
A grown man cry.

You like boys; I like girls,
Get you on the dance floor,
Take you for a whirl.
I know what you’re looking for,
So turn yourself around
And find the door.
Black and white, left and right.
Hugs and kisses at a bar fight.
You and me will be day and night.
North and South, East and West.
I like the way you wear that dress.
You always try your worst
To be your best.

If I told you,
I could hold you,
Would you play nice?
Or just start a fight?

But we’re so far apart
Different heads,
And different hearts
You’re always at the end
Before I start. OOOOOHHH
I hate your guts but you got soul.

I’m like ice; you’re like fire.
I’m a little lamb and you’re barbed wire.
I’m like rubber; you’re like glue,
What you want ain’t gonna come true.
Tight and loose, Father Goose.
I’m acute and you’re obtuse,
You’re the hangman
Pulling on my noose.
Early, late, small and great,
Good and bad and love and hate,
Lock up all your doors and
Close your gate.

Girl you take my breath away!
Then go ahead and suffocate.
I want to treat you like a queen.
I’d send you to the guillotine.
Call me crazy. Ok, fine.
I wish that I could make you mine.
I’m Bloomingdales,
And you’re the Five and Dime.
Call me stupid. Yes you are!
Don’t care about your daddy’s car.
And I don’t like Coors Light or PBR.
Track Name: Pieces of the Past
I thought I was a writer
That I could write the script
And every word I made you say
Sounded stale out of your lips
But I still wrote, and you still read along.

I didn’t want to walk away
From all that we had built.
So I sat silently in my guilt
While you danced, I stood still.

Holding off
Pieces of the past,
And how, my God, did I think it could last?
When I’ve seen the work
My hands have done,
And I found I was the wrong one

My youth blinded me to
All that you had felt.
Though what was never considered
Were the cards that I’d been dealt,
But you still played, and I was torn.

Well I saw where the line was
But I clearly walked across.
And the look on your face
Made my stomach turn and toss.
‘Cause I knew that you were lost.

In the Summer, I’ll be married
And your family will have grown.
And the words of forgiveness
That we never spoke
Will be known.
Track Name: If I Die Tomorrow
Darkness you can roll over.
You instill no fear in me.
Lightness feel free to shine.
I intend to soak up every beam.

If I die tomorrow would you tell yesterday,
That there’s no need for sorrow, ‘cause I’m no longer in pain.
If I die soon my dear, would you not bury me in a grave,
‘Cause I would rather burn my bones than become wasted space.

Songbird you can keen on singing
For the world will still spin on
As the moon holds its place in the starry sky
Sunset will turn into dawn.

I’ll be singing with the angels
As I approach the throne.
Don’t be sorry for me my dearest friend;
I’ll see you when you’re called home.
Track Name: Spring Has Sprung
I had love so unrequited,
I had love so uninvited,
All the lines that I recited,
Were the lines I never used.

I had hoped to love you sweetly.
You had hoped to end it neatly.
I showed up; You did not meet me.
I was hopeless and confused.

Spring had sprung; I got stung.
All the air when from my lungs
Speakers blast a false forecast
‘Cause I thought
The dog days were done.

Summer came before we knew it,
If I had a chance, I blew it.
Kept you in the coop. You flew it.
Slur the words and sing along.

Come the fall I found a lady,
Still I kept a hold of maybes,
Saw me cry just like a baby,
Only for to write this song.

Winter came and I felt slain
And then I nearly lost my brain.
Went back home
And hearts were broken,
Hopin’ we could stop this train.

Spring has sprung again.
I know I’ve worn you thin.
This time I call you friend.
The sun is up
And spring has sprung again.

It’s been a year. I haven’t known you.
Acting like one day I’d own you.
Nothing could I give or loan you
‘cept the words, I’m sorry for.
Hoping I could keep you flattered
Knowing now what was the matter
Ate the icing, chucked the batter
Belly aching on the floor.

Darling buds. The blossoms bloom
And everything comes out like new.
I face the floods
The rains bring through,
Just so I can sing with you.
Track Name: Choppin' Wood
I ain't too good at choppin’ wood,
But my daddy said I should.
I need a woman with a nice strong back,
Child-bearin’ hips and a one room shack.
I'm a hard, hard worker every day;
Dirty hands and a little pay.
I get up early and I get back late.

I ain't too good at matching clothes
Wearing heels and panty hose.
I need a man that's sensitive;
Stoic and contemplative.
A scholar and a gentleman.
A caller with strong arms
To hold me in.

So what if we're not everything
Our mothers and our fathers
Expect us to be.
Could I be the one
who's in your dreams,
Could I be the one
who you redeem?

I've gotten good at acting sweet,
But it's hard to admit defeat.
I'm prim and proper and put together
I'm sick and sore, under the weather.
Got friends in places high and low,
Learned things I didn't want to know,
Been lifted up just to be let go.

I'm getting good at actin’ tough,
But I haven't gotten good enough.
I want to be on the silver screen,
I'm a kind-hearted man that's often mean.
I'm a lover and a fighter;
I'm a worker and a writer;
I am a dreamer woken up by fits of rage.

Been trying hard to understand
What it means to be a man,
And every time I fall in love,
I hug and kiss then push and shove.
I'm solid then I'm soft and then,
I'm gone and then I'm back again.
I am a saint but my heart's filled with sin.
Track Name: Brother, Do You Love Her?
Brother, do you love her?
Is it tougher than you thought?
Father, are you bothered
By the garter that you caught?

Sister, is your mister
Getting blisters from his gloves?
Mother do you suffer
For another kind of love?

When our¬ eyes first met.
All the things we said we'd do.
Think back
To when our hearts were young,
And unafraid
To prove ourselves untrue.

If you say I miss you
Or I wish you could be here
I would say that I could
Or it feels good when you’re near

But I need some shut-eye
In a rut I find myself
Wondering if there’s something
About you and no one else.

Sweetheart do you sleep hard?
Do you think our love will last?
Do we love untruly
Like the fools we thought we passed?

I can't have your romance
If there's no chance we will be
Defined just like one line
Trying to find infinity.
Track Name: The River
I’m gonna wash myself out down by the river,
Gonna wash myself where the river flows,
Gonna tell my friends to all join in,
Gonna tell them all to come.

Gonna hold the hand of my aunt’s daughter,
Gonna hold her close, gonna hold her tight,
Gonna talk about our memories,
Gonna talk about her life.

What shall keep me from
Basking in the sun?
Patience, restore my way.
Life begins today.

Gonna rest my weary laden body,
Gonna rest myself in fields of green,
Gonna lay me down beneath the big blue sky,
Gonna lay down by the streams.

What shall keep me from
Basking in the sun?
Patience, restore my way.
Life begins today.

Gonna leave my cares and fears behind,
Gonna leave my worries and regret,
Gonna find me peace and freedom,
Gonna find I’m from debt.
Track Name: I Regress
So I tried to do my best
In a tattered wedding dress.
And I’m telling you I’m blessed
But reluctant to confess:
I regress.

And I’m telling you I’m saved,
But still hold on to those days.
While pretending I’m unscathed
I still sing the same refrain:
I regress.

So, I’m waiting on those words
That will make me want to turn,
Against the patterns I have learned,
Against the status I have earned.
Or I regress

As we’re headed to that place
That dress gets whiter every day.
Mend the tears and sew the lace,
Calm my fears and show me grace,
Or I regress.

Grant me Lord
What I can’t afford:
To be made right
To be restored.

Take not thy spirit
From my chest,
Or I regress.
Or I regress.

Draw me near,
Or I regress.